ALMARO Uniform Fashion GmbH

is a design and manufactory company, specialized in producing uniforms.

Our irrefutable corporate ideology is:

ALMARO Uniform Fashion GmbH takes over

completely all work regarding the uniform production

so that you can focus 100 % on your

company?™s core business!

We care for our customers.

Founded in?€1993


ALMARO Uniform Fashion GmbH can look back on a 25 years experience in the textile sector and operates as a vertically organized manufacturer and design company.

Our lean structure leads to short decision paths with no foreign company in between. That benefits our customers to save time and money.

Motivated employees in our factories guarantee the best results.

Transparency and direct channels lead to the top.

ALMARO Uniform Fashion GmbH accompanies its customers during the whole process of design, development, sourcing, manufacturing up to shipping to their warehouse.

A quality control team pays attention to the compliance with the highest quality standards as well as the compliance with production times.

The entire import, customs clearance, goods registration
and so on is done by us.

We process woven materials, Jersey and knitted garments, and we provide ?śCorporate Identity??garments for the wide-spread uniform market.

From yarn production via weaving, knitting, dying, sewing, packing, shipping, duty payment up to delivery to customer ??all comes from one source.

We attach great importance on excellent ?śBEFORE AND AFTER SALES SERVICE??with high transparancy.

Code of?€Ethics


ALMARO Uniform Fashion GmbH undertakes to comply with the Code of Ethics:

  • We agree to comply with the provisions of competition law and we pay particualar attention and without exception the property rights of third parties.

  • We dissociate ourselves from any behavior that damages our industry and without exception we keep our distance from all immoral commercial actions.

  • We respect the European Legislation of youth employment protection and against discrimination.

  • We work exclusively with companies that respect and promote human rights.

  • We attach great importance to fair partnership, trust and discretion in dealing with our business partners.

  • We act environmentally conscious and demand conscientious treatment of the environment and climate protection from our producers and suppliers.

  • We conscientiously act in our corporate responsibility towards customers, suppliers and employees.

  • We commit ourselves to the fulfillment of contractual agreements, which we have agreed within the framework of the law.

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